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2019: The Year in Review!

A BUSY YEAR, A YEAR of CHANGE! After 38 years of teaching, I entered #RetirementJoy on July 1st and haven’t looked back. Three years ago I started seriously building my Bev Tabet Photography business and I must say it is peaking at the right time. I now have time, energy & creativity to go out and photograph when and where I choose. January/February  I participated in the NHSPA (New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists) annual Members Exhibit at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery and gave a Gallery Talk on my Maine-Canadian Maritime Road Trip. It was a full house with lots of friends including a surprise appearance from my Upstate New York friends, Tess & Dave Leach!  I visited Ocean Point with Joan Libby the last week of February and had lunch at Brady’s with the Boothbay Retired teachers. I was practicing for my own retirement! I only got out to take a few photos. It was really cold & super windy.  I actually had to drive the car up on the froz