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A Photo A Day: 366 Photos of 2020. Photos 151 to 225

As part of my #RetirementJoy I have started A Photo A Day: 366 Photos of 2020 to challenge myself to get up, get out there and practice, practice, practice my art to improve and excel! I will add each day to this Blog Post so that you can view them all in one place. The latest photos will be at the top. Decided to make them into 75 day Blogs.  Starting 3rd one on Day 151. --------------------------------------------------------------- Day 237 of 366 Photos of 2020 A few Sunflowers today inside with my Lensbaby Sweet 50 and a +4 macro filter #bevtabetphoto #bevtabetphotography #PhotographFromYourHeart #CaptureFromYourSoul #DoWhatYouLove #LoveWhatYouDo  #LensbabySweet50 #LaneHouseArtsCenter   #Zen #ZenVibes 08/24/20 Day 236 of 366 Photos of 2020 I'm beginning to enjoy my Lensbaby Sweet 50 with a variety of macro filters.  Today I did some with the +4 macro filter and then a few with +10 and some with +8. It's nice that you can stack the filters for different strength macro.  I th