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New Adventures

Well I am out of the studio space along the river on Franklin Street in Exeter and will be moving to Hampton at the end of the month.  Looking forward to setting up my studio space at home and taking lots of sunrise and sunset photos at the ocean.  Will post more once I am moved.

Rock the Shot March Challenge - Floral Still Life

Shaving Brush Flower About two years ago I saw a photo of this type of flower on FaceBook posted by an awesome photographer in Tortola.  When I visit Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, I like to go to the J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens.  It's a small, unpretentious little garden with the friendliest staff.  I have hundreds if not close to a thousand photos from my visits there.  After seeing the Shaving Brush (which  I didn't know it was called that until last year), I went on a hunt for my own perfect photo!   In August 2011 I went to Tortola for their Emancipation Festival and the flower was already gone by. I went back in April 2012 and the tree had bloomed but the blossoms were on the ground so one of the arborists held one bloom so I could get a photo. They told me they usually bloom in March. This year I went to Tortola for February vacation which went through March 3, 2013. I went to the Botanic Gardens on March 1st and went right to the tree to fin

Rock the Shot - Favorite Photo of 2012

Photo of Ellen & Gary making their grand entrance at their wedding reception!  My Rock the Shot Favorite of 2012!