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Rock the Shot March Challenge - Floral Still Life

Shaving Brush Flower

About two years ago I saw a photo of this type of flower on FaceBook posted by an awesome photographer in Tortola.  When I visit Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, I like to go to the J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens.  It's a small, unpretentious little garden with the friendliest staff.  I have hundreds if not close to a thousand photos from my visits there.  After seeing the Shaving Brush (which  I didn't know it was called that until last year), I went on a hunt for my own perfect photo!  

In August 2011 I went to Tortola for their Emancipation Festival and the flower was already gone by. I went back in April 2012 and the tree had bloomed but the blossoms were on the ground so one of the arborists held one bloom so I could get a photo. They told me they usually bloom in March.

This year I went to Tortola for February vacation which went through March 3, 2013. I went to the Botanic Gardens on March 1st and went right to the tree to find my blossom.  The tree was bare, but when I looked up there was ONE bloom on the tree!  I'm convinced it was just for me! :-)  I took several shots and this is one of my favorites.


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