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Day #12 Part 2, Fri. 7/13

I met my friend Tyla and her family for lunch at Quincy Market. So good to see them in Boston although the heat and humidity were a deterrent for doing much of anything for the locals never mind  with people who are used to 75° and sunny with no humidity in L.A.!  I got a grilled lamb-kabob sandwich and another bottled water to combat dehydration in the 90° heat!  No photos of the food as we stood/sat outside and the sandwich was kind of drippy/messy, but delicious!  But I do have photos of us. :-)

We spent about an hour together and after dehydrating I headed to the Boston Common and Public Gardens to take more photos. It actually turned into a three hour afternoon of photography for me. It became a little overcast so although it was hot and humid at least there was no hot sun beating down on me.  This also gave way for some great shadowless photos! 

I photographed a swan and had a photo in my head that I wanted. You'll see my creation a little later. 

 I found a few more musicians for my Hearts & Hands Project and one guy was perfect!  I got his hands playing violin and he had a heart around his neck! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. 

My favorite!

I went by the Old State House and  the man playing the French Hurdy Gurdy was still there. I took a few more photos with my 55-25mm lens and continued back to the waterfront where I photographed the carousel and some more spots where I had been earlier.

And then my swans . . .  I got the photo just as I had envisioned it!  One single swan that I turned into a beautiful heart!

I left the waterfront and decided to eat an early dinner before heading back to NH on the train so I went to McCormick & Schmick's and sat outside in the shade. Had Shrimp Scampi and being a Shrimp Scampi connoisseur I must say it was some of the BEST I've had!

Got back to North Station and went into the Pro Shop. Jokingly I asked where the ray Allen section was and there really was  a Ray Allen Clearance section in the back! :-(  Didn't get anything but I may pick up a jersey when I go down to Boston laster next week.  I made it on the sold out Downeaster and sat in the Café Car which had the AC on full blast. Ahhhh, that felt so good after a day in the horrible heat (no Ray Allen pun intended!)


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